The Mission of the Employee Engagement Committee, hereinafter referred to as (EEC), is to represent the employees of designated departments.  Designated Management employees will meet with elected employees on a monthly basis to discuss issues that are legally in the scope to discuss.

The EEC will function in an advisory capacity to the General Management team in areas that affect their day-to-day function and work toward combined goals, specifically with regard to staffing and resident care.

Further, it is the duty of the EEC to promote order and harmony among all employees, to encourage tolerance and goodwill among co-workers, and to ensure equality of treatment and opportunity for employees.


Some of the overall goals and objectives of the EEC are as follows:

• To render assistance to management and co-workers by improving communication and understanding.

• To assist in resolving problems between employees and management where such assistance would not interfere or interrupt the general procedures set forth in the employee handbook or Policies and Procedures, in dealing with such matters.

• To investigate and attempt to resolve any staffing related issues

• To develop, recommend, and promote ideas related to working conditions, morale, public image, efficiency, employee safety programs and other employee related issues.

Employee Engagement

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”