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April 2019: More labor union conflicts in the hospitality and fast food industry. More activity in states not well known for union organizing. For example, petitions in North Dakota and Montana. Florida still being targeted heavily and campaigns in Domino’s and Burgerville are shaking the fast food industry. We predicted this 3 years ago by following the social media, advertising and the ULP filing from the unions.

Healthcare is a steady pattern and the amount of SALT related activities in different states is becoming more pronounced. Of course we area tracking with our inside tactics. Wins without consultants are scarce if any. Wins with consultants depends who the consultants are.

As leaders in labor relations our team is committed to winning for the client. In contrast to other labor consultants, we can produce the names and references of clients where we have won. The cost of education and employee engagement is minimal compared to a third party or union conflict.

We only worry about our clients !

“While competition worries about us, we only worry about our clients. Sometimes being the leader in the field brings adversity which we embrace and keep moving forward.”

Keith Peraino